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Our nation’s land grant universities are unique in their responsibility to state, community, and country. Land grant universities extend beyond research and teaching; they offer Extension.

The hallmarks of the extension program — openness, accessibility, and service — illuminate how cooperative extension brings evidence-based science and modern technologies to farmers, consumers, and families. Through extension, land-grant institutions reach out to offer their resources to address public needs. By educating farmers on business operations and on modern agricultural science and technologies, extension contributes to the success of countless farms, ranches, and rural business. Further, these services improve the lives of consumers and families through nutrition education, food safety training, and youth leadership development.
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The folks at the USDA/NIFA offices explain it well:

CES is a nationwide, non-credit educational network that addresses public needs by providing non-formal higher education and learning activities to farmers, ranchers, communities, youth, and families throughout the nation. With an organization that has been operating for over a century, CES is well positioned to efficiently get needed tools and knowledge into the hands of the people who need them.

With its wide reach — an office in or near most of the nation’s approximately 3,000 counties — extension agents help farmers grow crops, homeowners plan and maintain their homes, and youth learn skills to become tomorrow’s leaders.

University faculty members, who are disciplinary experts, translate science-based research results into language — written, verbal, and electronic — appropriate for targeted audiences. County-based educators work with local citizens and interest groups to solve problems, evaluate the effectiveness of learning tools, and collect grassroots input to prioritize future research. By living and working in communities, county educators are able to rely on existing relationships to respond to local needs, build trust, and engage effectively with citizens.
USDA/NIFA- Extension. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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